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If you are in a quest to attract traffic back to your website by writing a guest blog, the deal is excellent for you. We provide content writers and bloggers an opportunity to improve their portfolios by sharing their content and views within the blogging industry.

We have emerged as a platform where bloggers and content creators can get their work and reputation acknowledged. So, it’s a win-win situation for all.

Why waste time on others when we are ready to facilitate to the best of our capacity. All you need is to pitch your guest post idea and start with us.

A run-through of the submission procedure

What we say is backed up by the statistics. The exponential increase in website traffic supports our claim of unprecedented growth and other landmark achievements.

However, the success we claim is because of the strict policy and controlled procedure we followed for guest blog post submission.

Here is the outline of the in-practice procedures of the pitch blog post submission. By adhering to the process, there are greater chances of article acceptance.

Email pitch with idea and subject

All you have to do is to reach out to us with a decent idea and subject. Besides this, mentioning other guest blogs that you have written for other websites would also increase your content’s chances of getting approved.

Furthermore, you are not restricted in the formatting. So, you can adopt any format that you feel to your idea.

Finally, you can also camouflage your pitch with anything that you feel is unique and attractive.


In a bid to get your submitted pitch approved, you must add more than one topic. Moreover, the topics you have shortlisted must be exciting and trending to capture the reader’s attention.

To be precise, the submitted topics should be consistent with the niches available on our websites. Business, finance, startup, marketing are categories that we prefer to accept readily.

Lastly, adding a brief introduction of the blog you intend to submit would be more effective, thereby increasing the chances for approval.

Search Engine Optimization

Hands-on experience in SEO keyword optimization is crucial for the content to proceed further once you surpass the topic approval phase.

We will be happy to facilitate you if your content is equipped with the right keywords with low competition.

Plus, the keywords also need to be in high proportion. The better the keywords, the more the chances of content to be ranked higher in search engines. However, if your content is not compliant with optimization standards, we do not guarantee any success.

Word Count

There are no specifics in allusion to word count. However, it needs to be in accordance with the audience you intend to target.

We recommend you follow the established standards of word count for featured posts.

No Plagiarism

We observe a strict policy against plagiarism. There is no space for the plagiarized content on our platform. If you want us to proceed with your writings, make sure it is 100% original. Violating the rules and regulations may result in a permanent ban.


Creating an internal link to the external blogs is crucial for bloggers and content writers.

So, when you write for the US, make sure that your article is internally linked to our blogs. Moreover, you can also opt for outbound links. However, outbound links are limited to informational links only.

Sponsored Post

Blog promotions can sometimes be challenging. So, if you don’t give it due attention, all your effort and time may go in vain. To address the concern, we provide the paid guest post option to link your brand in the article with the link in the author’s bio.

However, we may charge you additional charges for this service. The costs may vary from content to content.

Additional media

Luckily, when you choose our guest blogging site, we provide you with an option of adding media, such as visuals, infographics, images, etc.

Simple Sentence structure

You are highly recommended to keep sentences short and straightforward. The same strategy is to apply to paragraphs. By keeping both the paragraphs and sentences short and concise, you can enhance your content’s readability.

Editorial Rights

To keep the quality standards intact, we reserve the editorial rights with our team reviewing all submissions. In case our policies are violated, any link can be removed without prior notice.

Please send us your pitch.

We grade and rank the content based on its quality. So, it may take us a couple of days for your submission to be rigorously reviewed. Our team will get back to you if your submission is accepted. You can contact us at ar[@]businessmarketnews.com or by filling the below form.