Why Can’t We Live Without Our Smartphones?

When we do not have our smartphones with us, we face feelings of discomfort, boredom and panic. Smartphones are like an addiction that has caused many of us to spin. The everyday revolution in the technological world and the routine software and hardware upgrades has murdered almost indispensable to live without them. These devices now seem like our food, water and shelter. Explained below in the article are some reasons why you cannot live without your smartphones.


In earlier times people needed a laptop to check emails, cell phone repair to send messages and separate cameras to take pictures but it is not the case now. Smartphones have made it very easy to integrate all of these functions into a single device so you do not have to face any hustle. Instead of using several machines and several applications to perform a variety of tasks we can depend on a single mobile phone with the help of which you can do multitasking. Smart phone is like a one personal assistant and you can get anything done with it.

Social Media

Smartphones are the hub for social media applications. People have been using social media apps continuously without a break. It has become an addiction where people like to go over their personal feed and check in on other people’s sports, likes and reactions etc. Psychologists have suggested that there is a dopamine high when a person gains a like on their social media accounts such as Facebook Instagram or Twitter. The reason why we cannot leave our smartphones is because all of us use social media through our smartphones.

Calling and Chat

This is another main thing that has made it difficult to get rid of smartphones. When mobile phones were invented the original purpose of them was to send and receive messages on the go. Now with the development of various apps people have started messaging and calling everywhere and giving each other live updates via smartphones. You can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world without any problem and that is the reason why people cannot leave their smartphones.

The need for fast-paced information provided by smartphones

With readily available information at a single, it becomes very difficult to stay back and not enjoy this luxury. Smartphones help people find directions, solve problems, keep record of things etc so they do not have to rely on anyone. People do not use encyclopedias or dictionaries anymore but their smartphones are what they turn to when they need any type of information. with the time it has been observed that people become frustrated if information is not provided to them readily.

Constant entertainment

When it comes to video games, smartphones are a whole new deal. People can enjoy Whatever they want on their fingertips. There are thousands of games that you can play online or install on your smartphones if you are getting bored. They will keep you entertained and boredom will not hit you.


Whatever the reasons are and no matter how hard it is to leave smartphones it is important that We moderate our use of smartphones. Technology has its pros and cons so we should always be wary of everything.