What are the basic injuries or accidents you should be aware of as a mother?

The house is intended to be a secure haven for you and your family, yet every year, accidents and emergency departments deal with significant injuries and, in some cases, fatalities that occur at homes. Chemicals and choking risks may cause injury to anybody in the household, not only youngsters and the elderly.

Many of these incidents might have been avoided, and coping with a major accident that could have been averted can leave you feeling guilty for the rest of your life. This fast guide has been put together to warn you of the dangers in your house so that you can keep your family as safe as possible.


Electric shock isn’t always associated with electrical equipment. When the phone’s socket and cable are not closed and the youngster put in his or her fingers, electric shocks might occur.

If this occurs, remove the victim from the electrical source by turning off the electrical power supply with non-electrical materials such as wooden or plastic sticks. Try to keep these electrical items away from heights where children can reach them to avoid electrical mishaps by Child proof light switch cover.


This is very upsetting news because most curious young toddlers are affected by this sort of danger. Follow the safety advice below to save your child from suffering a major accident and becoming one of these statistics.

Minimize the risk

  • If cleaning chemicals or hazardous substances are kept in the kitchen, they should be put in higher cupboards out of reach of little children. If you keep them in lower cupboards, make sure you have some affordable childproof locks on them.
  • Paint and insecticides should be kept in secured garages and sheds on high shelves away from youngsters.
  • In the kitchen, keep an eye on your kids and don’t leave them alone.
  • All unmarked containers should be labeled, and items should not be stored in food containers.
  • Have the phone number for the poison control centre in your region on hand, and save it to your phone. You must act quickly if you are poisoned.


Children between the ages of one and four are at significant danger of drowning. It is, in fact, the biggest cause of death and injury among this age group. Children this age may drown in just two inches of water. To keep your children safe, follow these procedures.

  • When washing newborns and small children, always keep an eye on them. If the phone calls while you’re in the tub, ignore it. It doesn’t matter as much as your child’s safety. When bath time is done, call them back!
  • Close the toilet lids.
  • If you have a pool or pond, it should be contained within a gated area. When there is water present, even paddling pools, never leave children unattended.
  • Electrical equipment should not be used in the bathroom.

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