Small Business Opportunities in Italy

Small Business Opportunities in Italy

One of the most beautiful European countries, named Italy, has a lot of opportunities for Italian citizens as well as foreigners to start their own businesses and become their boss. And if you are looking to start a profitable business in Italy on a small scale with small capital, we have got you covered. Below, we have listed top-notch small business ideas or investment opportunities to start earning handsome money within a matter of days.

Sell Gadget Accessories Online

Without a doubt, smartphones and laptops are among those gadgets that are used everywhere in the world. More and more online stores and shops are emerging, offering accessories and generating a handsome amount of money. It’s a great idea to offer accessories that easily get damaged- for instance, laptop chargers, replacement battery and more. All these accessories can be imported from China in bulk at the lowest possible prices and sold in Italy separately with less effort.

Event Planning

In the past few years, the event planning business has gained huge popularity as it majorly helps private companies, groups, and even government departments to plan events and execute them from beginning to finish. You can also take advantage of the fact that Italian citizens enjoy partying, which can provide you with an opportunity to start your own side business and become financially comfortable. However, you’ll need an internship from an expert if you don’t have any skills or previous experience.

Dogs Training

How about becoming a dog trainer? It’s one of the best small-scale businesses in Italy as you don’t need to get a certificate from the government to start it. Simply, you should be an animal lover as well as have the skills to train dogs. It doesn’t help you earn a good profit, but it also creates a beautiful relationship between you and the dog. The dog training business, therefore, is a perfect example of getting paid to do what you love.

A Wine Bar

An Italian wine bar business is the best small-scale business that can be started. As the name suggests, wine bars are a kind of small restaurant where wine is the primary alcoholic beverage served to customers. Many basic wine bars provide a large range of wines by the glass. In certain wine bars, the focus is on wines of a particular sort of origin, such as Italian wine and Champagne.

Coffee Café

The coffee café business is one of the small-scale businesses you can start in Italy. It doesn’t really break your bank and you can start it from a mobile shop. Moreover, you can also run your own coffee café in any corner of the street without having to spend a fortune. Besides, you’re free to set up your own coffee café anywhere in Italy. Well, if you run your business as a mobile shop, you’ll be able to touch all the luxury places without boundaries.

Aerial Drone Photography

Only a few numbers of bucks are required to start this small-scale business in Italy. However, before you proceed, you’ll need a bit of knowledge about drone technology. So, if you have decided to give a try to this business, be sure you gather all the required material for aerial drone photography, such as a drone camera, an adapter for charging, and a guidebook.

Doing a little bit of research about this business will surely help you where to find the best affordable drone camera alongside its cheap adapter, needed tools, and business license – of course.

Many Other Businesses You Can Consider

  • Frozen Food Business
  • Grocery Delivery Business (Effective in Pandemic)
  • Babysitting Business
  • Barber Shop
  • Makeup Artist
  • Clothing Store
  • Cleaning Services
  • House Flipping
  • Car Wash & more

There you have it – there are many more ideas for profitable businesses in Italy. However, one thing you will need is consistency and, most importantly, a willingness to take a risk. Invest in a small business opportunity and be persistent. This is the only way to build a steady stream of income.