How Can You Repair Your Dead Laptop

When a laptop battery dies, it does not turn on. This can be pretty inconvenient, especially when you need to use it. Fortunately, we can repair a dead laptop. Yes, you can improve your dead laptop by doing some steps. First, you can use a reflow tool to correct the problem. The problem is frequently due to battery or power supply issues, which may be recognized and resolved with the assistance of a tech specialist.

However, before you assume your laptop is dead, consider one or more of the following solutions:

  • Connect the charger to a different socket to ensure that the other socket is operational.
  • Borrow a charger that is comparable to yours and try it instead. This is a simple approach to confirm that your charger is not the source of the problem.

If Nothing Appears on The Screen, but the LED lights Turn on

First and foremost, examine the screen in bright light. The image may be visible on the screen, but it is dim. In this case, you must investigate the backlight failure.

One can use Fn keys to switch between internal and external video output modes

Other laptops may use different key combinations like: 

  • Fn and F4 keys on HP laptops 
  • Fn and F5 keys on Toshiba laptops 
  • Fn and F7 keys on IBM laptops

Power Jack Troubleshooting

There’s a chance your laptop’s power jack is broken from the inside and can’t make a connection. If this happens to your laptop, even the working charger or battery will no longer function.

To troubleshoot this scenario, use the borrowed compatible battery (which you must ensure is charged) in place of your old battery and look for any sign of power.

Try using your battery on your friend’s laptop to double-check the battery.

If the borrowed battery appears to work correctly, the power jack is either faulty on the inside, or the charging section of your laptop’s motherboard has blown up.

If The External Monitor Works Correctly But The Internal Screen Displays No Image

If the external monitor works properly, but the internal screen displays no image, the issue could be caused by:

  • The inadequate connection between the video cable and the screen or the motherboard. Check to see if reconnecting the video cable on both ends helps.
  • The screen failed. Change it with a new one.
  • The video cable broke. Change it with a new one.
  • The failure of the motherboard.

What should we do? If neither the internal or external monitors display an image

If neither the internal or external monitors display an embodiment, the problem could be caused by:

Failure of RAM and a faulty motherboard

In this case, you should do the following steps

  • Reconnect the memory module; it may not be making a good connection with the slot.
  • Try cleaning the memory module’s contacts.
  • Try relocating the memory module to a different place.
  • Replace the memory module with a different one.

If Changing Memory Does Not Work, You Can Try Removing the Battery

If changing memory does not help, you can try removing the battery, hard drive, DVD drive, and other easily accessible components. Then, try starting the laptop without these components.

It’s possible that one of them failed and is preventing the computer from booting correctly.

Also, try turning on the laptop with an external monitor while unplugging the video cable from the motherboard.

If an external image appears after disconnecting the video cable, something is wrong with the line. Change it with a new one.

If The Computer is Still Not Working

If the computer is still not working, try removing other internal components (wireless card, modem, keyboard, etc…) and testing it with an external monitor after each removed component.

If the System Still Does Not Work, The Problem Is Either A Bad Motherboard or A Failed CPU

Unless you have confirmed that your motherboard is dead, repairing your laptop is possible, realistic, and should not present many challenges. However, if you cannot fix it on your own, it is time to schedule an appointment with professionals and allow them to restore your device to proper working order.