10 Big Predictions About 10 Next Years of Menswear

The last ten years in male fashion have been incredible. The runway has been experimental, from men’s khaki pants to wearing t-shirts under formal suits and sporting neon sneakers with formal jackets. While some did not make it onto the streets, most of the trends have been fun and practical. So, as one decade ends, it’s exciting to think what the next one will look like!

5 Big Predictions About the Next 10 Years of Menswear 

Fashion designers and enthusiasts have already started speaking about what the future holds in terms of fashion. With the incredible advancements in technology and unbelievable accessibility to it, the possibilities are endless. To prove it, here are five of the best predictions from renowned designers and fashion enthusiasts. 

#1. Clothes Will Become Smarter Than People.

Foresight writer at The Future Laboratory, Holly Friend, has boldly predicted that wardrobes will become technologically advanced and programmable. Apparel will become “smarter” and adapt to the consumer’s needs and environment. For example, the Ministry of Supply, a high-performance fashion company, has already developed a jacket that alters its internal temperature based on the surroundings. 

#2. The 50s and 90s Fashion Will Still Be in Trend.

If someone thought that classical fashion would go out of style in the next few years, they were wrong. According to Mr Porter, Style Director Olie Arnold, style trends from the 50s and 90s will continue to be just as classy and chic. In fact, the 70s fashion might make a quick comeback in the next ten years or so. Considering how versatile and stylish clothing items were during those times, nobody is really mad at those wardrobes coming back. 

#3. Fashion Will Be More Sustainable with Wool.

Sustainability in the fashion industry has been a significant concern for the past few years, and in the next few years, it’ll only become more significant. According to The Woolmark Company’s managing director, Stuart Mccullough, the following ten years in mens’ fashion will focus on using natural, sustainable materials and incorporating traceable supply chains. The consumption model will hopefully shift towards a shareable economy, and people will prefer using sustainable, high-quality wardrobe pieces that tend to last longer. 

#4. Suits Will Be Worn Like Tracksuits.

According to Designer Charlie Caseley-Hayford, suits will become even more casual and mainstream. Consumers will look for comfort and durability like they do in a tracksuit. Such previously formal wardrobe items will slowly become more “every-day” wear and versatile. Unstructured jackets and pad-less shoulders will become normalised, and colours and styles will become more casual- something you can wear to lunches, dates, and movies and not just to a business meeting.

#5. People Will Decide What Clothes Cost.

As an experiment in 2019, StockX collaborated with Adidas and launched three sneaker designs. Adidas launched these designs without setting up a price and allowed consumers on StockX to put a price on it based on how much they were willing to pay. Seventy-two hours later, they closed the bids, and the winners were selected. If £1000 was the highest bid and £200 was the lowest, everyone could buy the shoes for £200, and it was called the Clearing Price. The winners got their shoes in their own size with the same amount that they set themselves. The experiment laid grounds for a brilliant idea by StockX where they tried to empower their consumers. They believed that this could be the future of the fashion industry. 


While every industry is evolving and incorporating advanced technology and the latest ideas, the fashion industry isn’t far behind. The next ten years will bring new possibilities and open new doors for creative minds, transforming people’s wardrobes. These are just five predictions that might come true in the next ten years. So, which one are you the most excited about?