Major works done by PWD minister Punjab for making reforms in various cities

  • He  permits construction of approaches on both sides of roads for public welfare. He also takes permits for institutions, factories, petrol pumps etc.
  • He worked for the the encroachments coming along the road sides
  • Working in major areas in All aspects of the tendering  right starts from the pre-qualification stage to the opening of bids and its evaluation.
  • Major Activities and important projects

In Tehsil Rajpura MC Ghanour & Rajpura works completed by Vijay Singla

  • In the S/R/Patch work Programme he did many accomplishments. The length is about 164.71 km of Link Roads. It was repaired with the amount of about 1689.84 lacs.
  • In the 2016-17 S/R Programme  the length of 98.12 km of Link Road was repaired . The construction program was done with the amount of about 1018.16 lacs.
  • The Ordinary repair programme  also spent money for the roads.moreover the length of 67.12 km of Plan Roads was repaired with the amount of  about 74.16 lacs.

PWD minister  Punjab Vijay Inder Singla,  with Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, led state government made some changes in name of educational institutions. He has renamed 14 more schools of various has done so after the names of martyrs, freedom fighters and other renowned personalities. Moreover, he has done this to mark the contribution and sacrifices made by the sons of the soil. He has taken this step to rename schools with a major cause. It was a small token of gratitude towards them. It is done to pay tribute to the freedom fighters and martyrs. He said that the persons who sacrificed their lives fighting for the country, welfare and progress of our nation must be remembered.

  • Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as Government Elementary School Beniwal changed and was named  as Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Government Elementary School, Binewal.
  • Government Senior Secondary School Binewal of Hoshiarpur district has been changed. It is named after martyr Baldev Raj.It was done for his supreme sacrifice during Kargil war in 1999. Hence, the school has been named as Shaheed Baldev Raj Government Senior Secondary School Binewal.
  • The cabinet minister also declared change in one another Government Primary School Pakho Kalan in district  has been named as Shaheed Ranjit Singh Shaurya Chakra Vijeta Government Primary School Pakho Kalan.
  • Government Middle School Machhrai Kalan of District Fatehgarh Sahib changed and named as Shaheed Attar Singh Shaheed Jawahar Singh Government Middle School Machhrai Kalan,
  • Government Primary School Veela Teja in District Gurdaspur changed and  named as freedom Fighter Surain Singh Government Primary School Veela Teja.
  • Government Middle School Barnala in district Mansa changed and  named Shaheed urmail Singh Government.
  • Two schools in Sri Muktsar Sahib district changed and named it after martyrs who laid down their lives while safeguarding the nation.
  • Government High School Gaggarh has been changed named as Shaheed Subedar Jaswant Singh Government High School Gaggarh
  • Government Senior Secondary School Chak Atari Sadarwala changed and named as Shaheed Baldev Singh Government Senior Secondary School Chak Atari Sadarwala.  

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