I’m Feeling Curious: Google Trick Facts (Ultimate Guide)

Google being the biggest search engine on the planet is often a front-runner when it comes to serving the users in new and innovative ways. The more frequent features are the ones that optimize search results. For instance, many updates are rolled out to improve the user experience that marketers have to follow. But also there are several activities that Google creates to make the user experience more fun. Beside providing fun opportunities, Google can also answer how many jobs are available in basic industries question and in professional way.

Some examples of Google making browsing fun include doodles honoring special occasions and personalities. Another example is the minigame on Google during the recent Cricket World Cup. A fun activity that has been around for a long time is “I’m feeling curious”. This trick presents you with informational facts that you probably didn’t know before. It is an engaging and fun activity you can do straight from Google search. 

A fun fact for you: if you ask Chatgpt what is the I’m feeling curious feature on Google, it will not give you a satisfactory answer but we can’t say this about GPT66X because most of us doesn’t know that what is GPT66X. This was tested at the time of writing this article. But no worries as this blog covers everything you need to know about it. So, put your reading glasses on and dive into this blog to learn everything there is to know about I’m feeling curious.

What is “I am feeling curious” on Google?

In simple words, it is a feature created to tell you interesting facts when you are feeling curious, thus the name I am feeling curious. A random but interesting question will appear on your screen. You can think of its possible answer in your head. After a few seconds, its answer will appear in the field below the question. For example, during the testing of this trick, the question that appeared was what animal is called a kid? It is a very interesting question that makes one wonder what the possible answer could be. After a few seconds, the answer appeared that an immature goat can be called a kid. 

The answer was followed by some other brief information like what are male and female goats called. Also, examples of some wild goats were mentioned. The best thing about this feature is that if it piques your curiosity, you can click on the link below the answer. That link below the answer will take you to a website that has more detailed information around that specific fact. How cool is that?

How to Access the “I am Feeling Curious” Feature?

Accessing this feature on Google is the easiest thing ever. Just take the following simple steps on your computer or mobile device: 

  1. Open Google on your browser
  2. Type I am feeling curious in Google’s search bar and press enter
  3. A random fact followed by its answer will appear on your screen. 
  4. Click on “Ask Another Question” for a new fact 

It is that easy. Even if you write “I m feeling curious”, Google will automatically correct the typo and open the feature. However, “I m feel curious” won’t start the trick. 

Fun Ways to Use This Trick

You can use this trick when you want to take a short break from work or studies. Also, you can play with other people and compete by seeing who answers the most questions correctly. Teachers and parents can play such trivia games with kids as a healthy activity that makes learning new things easy.

When Was This Feature First Introduced?

A question a lot of people who just discovered this feature have been asking is when was this trick first introduced. No one can answer this question as Google has not put out any content regarding the existence of this trick. However, search trends show that this search query was first popularized in 2015. 

At that time, it must have felt very revolutionary to many users. People who wanted a short break from some task could indulge in this fun activity in the same way as a lot of us ask random questions from ChatGPT to kill time. The ones who discovered this trick would be most likely telling others about it. And that’s how this trick gained popularity. 

Google has many other engaging activities that are yet to be discovered by millions of users. For example, you may not know that there is a way that you can play the 80’s classic Pac-Man game on your browser. Other such games include Barrel Roll and the Snake Game. 


Now that you know what I’m feeling curious trick is, when it became popular, and how and when can you use it, the only thing left to do for you is to explore it on your own. 

Rachel Willy
Rachel Willy
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