How to Choose a Gift for the New Year?

The New Years are an amazing time when we all get together. These are special days filled with love, family traditions, and many treats. The holiday magic, of course, starts with buying New Year’s gifts, but it seems that it is impossible to avoid the hassle. How to choose gifts, not forget anyone, and not go broke? We have selected the very best tips.

In the weeks leading up to New Year, most people experience the stress of preparing for the holidays. So, I want to spend the New Year’s days cheerfully and carefree: to talk about my love to all friends and family members, to please everyone with a special gift. But instead of a festive mood, you are more and more overwhelmed by panic. If you are still choosing the perfect gifts for friends or family, these recommendations are for you.

A gift from the heart

What can be useful to them? What do they want? We can spend hours in stores asking ourselves these questions. Here’s what to think about when choosing gifts for the New Year.

Gifts are not an exchange of things, but communication. Some gifts remind of distance, others of intimacy. They say, “I love your creativity,” “I love your laugh,” “You are beautiful,” or “You have to take care of yourself.” Don’t ask yourself, “What can I buy them?” or “How will they like it?” Instead, ask yourself, “What do I want to say to this person?” or “How can I tell him about this?”

Try to choose a personalized gift. To do this, make a list of the person’s interests and preferences. Does your friend or relative love sports or books, maybe computer games or fishing? Will he be delighted with clothes or accessories, a new perfume or jewelry? When it comes to choosing a specific gift, it’s good to remind yourself of some conversation or observation with that person. This will give you an idea of ​​what is most desirable for the person you want to give something to.

There is nothing wrong with asking someone directly what they would really appreciate as a New Year’s gift. Or you can always explore the latest holiday gifts ideas to get the one you want. If you are afraid of the inconvenience and anxiety associated with spending, make it easier by asking for a list of your wildest and most modest desires.

What to give to children? The Rule of Four Gifts

Buying gifts for children is perhaps the most pleasant thing about New Year’s preparations. But how do you choose the right gifts and not go broke? More and more parents are adhering to the four-gift rule. Do you know him?

What you really want. Has your child already written a letter to Santa Claus? Then you already know his most cherished desires. It can be a cool construction set, a soft teddy bear, or a doll. Older children are waiting for new gadgets or board games. Shopping malls and online stores will help make any dream come true.

Something you really need. But mothers and fathers themselves understand this better. This could be a new schoolbag, sneakers, or a set of markers. What you have planned for a long time, but put off, it’s time to buy.

What will be worn? Holiday dress? A hat, scarf, and ice-skating mittens? A T-shirt featuring your favorite band or cartoon character?

Something to read. In fact, all children love to read. The main thing is to choose the right book. For a kid – a colorful picture book, for a teenager – a book based on which his favorite film was shot. Maybe your child will prefer comics?

Buy gifts for the New Year: how to do everything?

  • Write a list. Write down the names of all the people you would like to congratulate this year. Don’t worry about the budget just yet – just write the names. Think of your family, loved ones, friends, colleagues, and people who used to surprise you with wonderful gifts.
  • Think in advance what gifts you would like to order online, and for what to go to the store in person. In a way, buying at the very last moment (even on New Year’s Eve) can make your shopping experience easier and better. At this time, you are unlikely to encounter large crowds in stores, and sellers will already provide discounts for some things.
  • Use non-standard solutions. Grocery stores – to buy gourmet sweets, aromatic tea or coffee. In pharmacies, you can find useful little things like lip gel, aromatic oils, herbal preparations or syrups. Gift cards are a great solution. It’s an easy way to make a gift without worrying about choosing the right color, size, or brand.

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