9 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Beekeepers are advised to start the day with a spoonful of honey. This unique product activates the body’s defenses, strengthens the immune system, increases efficiency, and helps fight stress. Moreover, honey is the only product on earth that does not spoil. It seems incredible, but it can be stored without loss of taste for 1000 or more years, – show the archaeological excavations of scientists!

However, not everyone can eat it, and not always. The latest data from scientists indicate that not all types of honey are equally useful, and some are completely poisonous.

Useful Properties Of Honey: Just the Facts

Today honey is the main candidate for the title of the most useful product. But on one condition – if it is real and of high quality. This delicacy is rich in vitamins and minerals, enzymes, and beneficial acids. It is important to consider that honey must be ripe.

Unripe honey is called one that is not sealed in combs, this product is not yet ready for use. If it is poured into a jar, then after a while it will separate into a dense and liquid layer. In this case, air bubbles will be visible on the surface – the effect of “soda”. Such honey is sometimes diluted with a mature product to reduce its cost.

You can also find out whether honey is ripe in front of you or not with the help of a test at home: drop the product on paper, if a drop spreads or leaves a wet trail, you have fake or unripe honey in front of you. You can always go with the high-quality Manuka honey from reliable sellers to avoid tests and any doubt. A mature product will remain an elastic drop, there is no excess moisture in it and it is not subject to fermentation. What are the properties of good ripe honey?

1. Support in the season of colds

One of the main functions of honey is to increase immunity. You cannot do without it in the season of viruses and acute respiratory infections. Tea with honey helps to keep warm, relieves sore throat, and serves as an excellent sleeping pill in the evening. But it must be borne in mind that honey does not tolerate strong heating so that it does not lose its beneficial qualities, you do not need to dissolve it in boiling water.

2. Powerful energetic

Drinks with honey have shown their effectiveness in replenishing strength and energy. They relieve fatigue, increase vitality and increase efficiency. Athletes drink honey water during training. It serves as a source of energy and, due to the content of magnesium and potassium, helps to avoid muscle cramps.

3. Food for the mind

Honey has a beneficial effect on memory, helps to keep the brain in good shape, and increases concentration.

4. Fighter with Stress

Pure honey is good for megalopolis residents who face stress every day. It calms the nervous system, has a general strengthening effect on the body, reduces anxiety, and helps to overcome insomnia.

5. Elixir of Courage

Research has shown that regular consumption of honey is a great solution for couples preparing to conceive. Honey increases the productivity and activity of sperm, which increases a woman’s chances of pregnancy.

6. First Aid

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, honey can be used to relieve itching after insect bites. In the course of clinical studies, scientists from the United States have confirmed that honey has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

7. Weight Loss Assistant

Honey is a healthier alternative to sugar in drinks and desserts. But we must not forget that heating the product to 60 ° C and above converts a healthy delicacy into a regular sweetener.

8. The Secret Of Eternal Youth

All types of honey are rich in antioxidants – substances that fight free radicals – the “culprits” of DNA breakdowns and premature aging of the body. In addition, honey has a smoothing and tightening effect on the skin, therefore it is often included in the complex of anti-cellulite procedures, restoring skin elasticity after rapid weight loss.

9. Nourishment For The Heart

Honey is famous for its high content of phenols and other antioxidants. Scientists associate many of them with a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Research shows that honey can serve as a preventive measure for heart attacks and strokes.