Best Ways To Get Cheap Flights

Visiting an exotic country like India by booking SFO to New Delhi flights is a dream for most people. This massive city has an eternity to offer all tourists. With a number of tourist spots to explore, Delhi is the perfect destination for all your vacations. But since it is such a popular place when it comes to tourism, it is no surprise that getting cheap SFO to Delhi plane tickets is not an easy task. If you are on a budget, then it is important to get economical flight tickets to save money. But, getting budget-friendly tickets is not an easy task for everyone. If you struggle when looking for budget-friendly tickets, the following hacks can prove to be quite helpful.

  • Do not fly direct: Flying direct seems much more tempting than taking a connecting flight, given that you can save a lot of time and avoid the hassle. However, if you have some time to spare, then booking connecting flights instead of direct flights can prove to be much more affordable. As connecting flights are longer, they are comparatively cheaper than direct flights. Connecting flights are also good in the sense that they can allow you to break your journey and relax for a bit if you have a very long way to go.
  • Follow airlines on social media: Social media has been becoming increasingly important day by day. No matter what the business is, having a strong social media presence is extremely important for all companies. This is true for airline carriers as well. Following the social media pages of airline carriers can come in handy when you are looking for cheap tickets. As airlines use social media as a way to advertise discount offers and last-minute deals, you can bag some amazing offers from these pages. Following them will also ensure that you are one of the first ones to find out about any discounts.
  • Sign up for newsletters: Most third-party booking websites and official airline websites have newsletters that they send to customers. Signing up for these newsletters seems like a waste to most people as these are generally regarded as spam mails. However, if you are careful with the websites you sign up with, you can actually use these newsletters to find out all about exclusive deals on flight tickets. So, the next time you see this option available on any website, make sure that you press the sign-up button and check out the mail they send each week or so, for cheap flights to India.
  • Calculate all costs: Sometimes we take the price of a ticket offered on the internet at the face value. Most websites selling flight tickets implement great marketing techniques and offer super cheap flights. However, they have a ton of hidden costs on those cheap flight tickets, and when you finally go to make the payment you realize that the tickets are not as inexpensive as you thought them to be. That is precisely why you need to make sure that you check all the hidden costs and calculate all the extra money that might add up when you finally make the payment.
  • Choose the right airport: A lot of the time, you may have noticed that most cities have multiple airports. Some of these airports are located close to the city, while some are far away. Multiple airports might also cater to different flight routes, both domestically and internationally. Flying to different airports in the same city can also vary in terms of the price you pay for your tickets. Whenever you are looking to fly to your desired destination, make sure that you check all the airport options available in that city and find out where it is cheaper to fly.
  • Pick the right layovers: When you choose to book connecting flights you need to choose a flight route that you want to take and choose a layover on your way. As there are multiple flight routes available for different destinations, you need to find out which flight route is the most convenient for you and also costs considerably less. As certain layover destinations tend to be more popular than others you might need to pay more money for some routes. If you do not want to put a dent in your bank account, make sure that you find out all about the layovers you can take and choose the ones that are cheaper. 
  • Check with airline websites: When you want to reserve your flight tickets, you have the option to either make your reservations using a third-party website or the official airline website. However, most people think that booking with airline websites tends to be more expensive than third-party websites. That might not be the case at all times. That is why you must make sure that you do not look for tickets with such prejudice. Always check the flight prices on all platforms and compare them to make sure that the final offer you get is the lowest in the market.
  • Book with budget carriers: Several major airline carriers have come up with budget subsidiaries in recent years. These budget airlines are quite helpful when looking for cheap tickets as they offer low airfares on numerous routes. As the name suggests, these carriers offer pocket-friendly tickets by cutting down a bit on the amenities they offer. If you do not mind compromising a bit on your comfort for the sake of making a big savings, booking with budget airline carriers is the right choice for you. Budget airlines also offer competitive services, and you must check all the options that are available to make the right decision for your flights to India.

With these tricks, you can save a good amount of money when flying from SFO to New Delhi. As flights to India make up for a major part of your trip expenditure, these tips can help avoid burning a hole through your pocket. Keeping these hacks in mind will prove to be immensely helpful in making savings.